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A successful planning effort is driven by an interdisciplinary team of participants. The core team will be driven by two roles:

Abraham Kumar


Abraham has been with ProtaTECH since its U.S. operations began in 2002, and has effectively served the company in high-profile IT ventures, assisting events such as the multiple Rose Bowl, Super Bowl and even the Olympic Games. With previous experience as a Technical Project Manager for the LAPD and a BS in Computer Information Systems, an MS in Information Systems, a Masters in Music and a Master ’s in Business Administration, and he has proven extremely influential in the company, Offering new and innovative ideas such as online workforce management software and accredited programs that have been used for clients and events around the world.

Abraham is most known for his unique software architecture skills, extensive knowledge of network security and project delivery which has enabled ProtaTECH to timely deliver and implement many high risk projects. He has been the chief software architect of applications like WISH 1, WISH 2, WISH 3, EventKeyz, ScreenSFX, SORT, TCM and may others.

Abraham has consulted for multiple foreign governments around the world and has traveled extensively to over 50 countries, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of technology and programming he has proven himself a capable leader in helping every client find clean and simple solutions to even the most complex challenges.

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Fuzzel Ahmad

VP Operations

Resourceful IT professional having 14 years of insightful experience in Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Channel Management, Client Servicing & Team Management. Leading, training & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in sales operations and meeting of targets. Possess good administrations skills. Supervising customer service operations for rendering & achieving quality services, providing first line customer support by answering queries & resolving their issues. Monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in sales operations & meeting of targets.

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Vineet Mathews

VP Client Relationship

A strategic minded individual with over 8 years of experience in client servicing has in depth knowledge of managing clients’ accounts and ensuring total satisfaction at all times. He holds an MBA degree and hands on experience of ensuring service excellence of self and team. Conversant with strategic planning and implementing of core customer service plan he has the ability to develop life-long relationships with existing and new clients.

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Yogesh Kumar

VP Product Development

Yogesh Kumar began his ProtaTECH career in 2006 and has over 12 years of experience in the field technology and programming and currently holds the position of Vice President –Product Development. He earned his B.TECH in computer science from Maharishi Dayanand University. He is an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of software architectures, service-oriented architectures, and Distributed systems. He has been in the software Industry since 2004 and has significant experience and expertise in application, integration, and enterprise architecture. He primarily develops software in Microsoft technologies but has good experience with Java, android and iOS platforms. He has delivered web solutions and mobile applications for the large events like Rose Bowl games and Sport Accord International Federation meet.

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Haris Husain

Business Development Manager

Haris Husain holds an MBA degree from Jamia University ( New Delhi ) having 11 years of rich experience in Client services, ( Sales & marketing ). He started his career at ICICI and went on to lead the Skyline University in Dubai ( UAE) . Prior to joining Aspire assess skill Haris led the Corporate Marketing function at Skyline University & the Indian School of business and Finance He currently heads the Sales & the marketing division at AASK. When not in Sales discussions, Haris loves to read, Travel and expand his culinary skills.

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Pamela Mukherjee

Asst Manager – Marketing

Pamela holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis University into Marketing field. She has 10 years of rich experience in Client services, ( Sales & marketing ). Prior to joining Aspire assess skill Pamela led the Corporate Marketing & Communication function at Boschi group of Companies. She currently implementing the knowledge into Operations & the marketing division at AASK. Apart from work, Pamela loves travel and spend her time in travel blogging.

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