QP/ NOS Creation

Qualification Pack & National Occupational Standards

QPs – Qualification Pack(QP) is to drive the creation of curriculum, and assessments. By defining NOS for all the entry level positions, the industry wants to drive competency based training for every job role in industry. All the current vocational courses need to be aligned to job role

NOSs – National Occupational Standards (NOSs) is the standard of performance that needs to be achieved as part of working in a job in the work place in an individual. It also expects that the individual knowledge and understanding meet the standard consistently. A set of NOS, aligned to a job role, called Qualification Pack

Aspire Assess Skill, Gurgaon is creating QP/NOS for various sector skill council as we have the expertise and knowledge for creating the QP for various job roles.


  • To allow the development of a set of Qualifications for each level, based on outcomes which are accepted across the nation.
  • Provide structure for development and maintenance of progression pathways which provides access to qualifications and assist people.

Occupational Mapping

  • Identification of all the occupations & job roles across the Sector Councils.
  • Profiling of job roles, including expected outcomes and competencies required to achieve the expected outcomes.
  • Charting career paths / opportunity for progression, commencing from entry level to senior positions.
  • Identification and elucidation of skill deficiencies / gaps - soft, generic and domain specific.
  • Identification of employment opportunities for undergraduate level positions (job roles which could be offloaded to 10th / 12th standard students)

Functional Analysis

  • Functional analysis is the main tool used to develop National Occupational Standards.
  • It involves analyzing areas of work and identifying the outcomes that people should achieve.
  • Functions are the activities a person is expected to do as part of the job.
  • A function must have a clear purpose and outcomes that are valuable to the employer.

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